About Us

As a child, Mary understood and appreciated the value of small keep sakes, pictures, and timeless items. She is her family’s unofficial curator of heirlooms that range from pictures to clothing to furniture. Yes, Mary can produce the school picture you took in 1st grade when all of your front teeth were missing. You may have thought the picture disappeared. Nope, Mary has it!

After over 38 years working in the field of human resources, Mary retired and founded Forget-Me-Knots. Mary’s razor sharp business acumen and an eye for spotting diamonds in the rough allows her to source and share unique treasures at affordable prices. Her husband, Floyd, has spent 39 years as a dedicated coach and teacher in the public school system. Floyd’s years in the coaching field has fashioned an enthusiastic “sports fanatic” with an array of sports memorabilia and knowledge.

Mary and Floyd, are excited to welcome everyone to Forget-Me-Nots! It’s a place that’s all about passion for small treasures.